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Printed Circuit Board Coils

The Rocoil® Printed Circuit Board (PCB) coils are made using printed circuit techniques with tracks and vias to create a toroidal coil. Once the artwork has been prepared these coils can be produced in large quantities. PCB coils can be provided in a wide range of sizes and are well-suited for bespoke designs. PCB coils can be stacked together and connected in series to increase the output.

Rocoil Printed Circuit Board Coils Features

Easily adaptable to different situations
Well-suited for bespoke designs
Good for quantity production
Available in a wide range of sizes as specified by the user
Coil winding can be screened to minimise 'noise'
Can be used to measure at frequencies from less than 1Hz to more than 100kHz
Accuracy 1%
Good rejection of external magnetic fields
Rugged construction
Compact construction

With a suitable electronic integrator these coils can be used to measure currents with a resolution as low as a few mA and high currents of greater than 1MA. They provide complete isolation from the circuit being measured and have no effect on the current being measured even for very low-impedance circuits.

For more information download the Printed Circuit Board Coils datasheet or request a quote