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Rogowski coil technology provides solutions for today's and tomorrow's current measuring problems.

Rocoil Limited, UK offers a design consultancy and manufacturing service for Rogowski coils and integrators. This is based on our experience of using Rogowski coils dating back to 1977. We export current-measuring systems to more than 40 countries worldwide and have a manufacturing capability from developing prototypes to large production runs.

What we do

Our aim is to promote the use of Rogowski coils. We appreciate that this technology can be new, even to experienced electrical engineers, and we work closely with our customers to try to understand their specific current-measurement applications to provide the best solution. We have developed a wide range of products and techniques to cope with different current measurement situations and our detailed knowledge of the Rogowski coil means we can easily modify these for special requirements. All of our products are made to order and tailored for each of our customers’ needs, in a diverse number of industries. We have manufacturing capability from developing prototypes to large production runs.

Well, your coils have helped us so much already that we need more. I would like to order a second identical system comprised of 3 coils plus a four range / three channel integrator.

Arc lamp manufacturer | Canada

All of the coils you provided for our program over the past couple of years worked perfectly as desired. In the end, that program was a major success and the spin-offs are still on-going.

Power research industry | USA

I just thought I’d say hello and give you an update on the coils and integrators you built for us a short while ago. So far they have been working extremely well and we are very pleased with them. We’ve tested the sample Rogowskis right down to 200A and still get good signal levels. We’ve also not seen any ringing so far, though we still have some integrator-coil combinations to explore. All in all it is a very good system and is very immune to noise. Many thanks to you and your colleagues for putting it together for us.

Energy research and development industry | UK

We want to say thank you for the integrator and the coils. Your hardware does an excellent job so far. We are very happy! We are looking forward to an upgrade of your system later this year.

University | Germany

I can’t thank you enough for taking care of this! We really appreciate your effort and diligence to get this out the door! I wish I had more suppliers like you.

Fishing industry | USA

Many thanks for the information. We have received the coil and integrator, it is working perfectly, and I have been meaning to thank you and your team for all of your kind assistance. One of our bachelors project students is using the coil and integrator now, and after that it will either be used by future project students or by the power systems teaching lab.

Robert Brown | Doctoral Researcher | London South Bank University

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