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8000 series


Rocoil 8000 Series Rogowski Coil

The Rocoil® 8000 series transducers comprise a complete current-measuring transducer in which a flexible Rogowski coil is permanently attached to the integrator. The output from the integrator is a voltage waveform that reproduces the current waveform. The transducer will accurately reproduce complex waveforms containing frequency components up to the 40th harmonic of power frequency.

8000 Series Rogowski Coil Features

Battery-powered coil/integrator combination
Flexible Rogowski coils can be fitted without 'breaking' the conductor
Coil lengths up to at least 5m
Thin-coil option uses a coil with only 6mm cross-sectional diameter
Very long battery life - up to 12 months with a single PP3 battery
Can measure up to hundreds of kA
Available in a three-sensitivity version
Sensitivity can be specified by the user
Standard frequency response flat up to 2.5kHz
Enhanced frequency response at the expense of a higher battery drain
Low frequency response down to 2Hz (-3dB point)
Withstands very large overloads for an indefinite time

A special feature of the 8000 is its exceptionally low power consumption. With a quiescent consumption of less than 50mA, it can operate for up to 1 year continuous service from a single alkaline PP3 battery.

Product Options

To specify a transducer it is necessary to know:

1st : The sensitivity value(s) required.

2nd : The length of the coil.

3rd : The type of coil: (standard diameter with push together ends, thin cross-section with push-together ends, type 4022, type 4022/NC).

4th :
Battery life: (12 months, 6 months, or 3 months).

For more information download the Rocoil 8000 Series Rogowski Coil datasheet or request a quote