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DIN 20ma


Rocoil 'DIN-Rail' Rogowski Coil Integrator with 4 - 20mA Output

The Rocoil® DIN-rail integrator is a single-channel integrator that can be used in conjunction with either flexible or rigid Rogowski coils to provide accurate current measurement where a 4 - 20mA output is required.

Rocoil 'DIN-Rail' Rogowski Coil Integrator Features

Compact integrator for DIN-rail mounting
Sensing coils can be replaced without the need for re-calibration
True RMS measurement with industry-standard 4 - 20mA output
Can be used with two coils to give the sum (or difference) of the currents in two conductors
Measures from 5A up to hundreds of kA
Flexible Rogowski coils can be fitted without 'breaking' the conductor
High crest factor
Powered from an external DC supply
Input and output protected against surges
Withstands very large overloads for an indefinite time
Sensitivity can be specified by the user

Product Options

/DUAL: Two inputs instead of one. Enables the currents in two separate conductors to be summed.
Sensitivity range: This can be specified by the user as the RMS current to give 20mA DC output. Sensitivity values from 5A to more than 100kA can be provided.

For more information download the 'DIN-Rail' Rogowski Coil Integrator datasheet or request a quote