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2100 series rigid coil


Rocoil 2100 Series Rigid Rogowski Coils

The Rocoil® Type 2100 Rigid Rogowski coils are available in a range of internal diameters. They are supplied with electrostatic screens as standard. The construction of the coils ensures that the mutual inductance is stable so that when it is calibrated the calibration has a long term stability. These coils are carefully made to ensure that they have a low pick-up of external magnetic fields. The formers are precision machined. Each coil is tested during manufacture and we make small adjustments to the winding to reduce the pick-up. We can measure the mutual inductance of the coil to an accuracy better than 0.1%.

Rocoil 2100 Series Rigid Rogowski Coils Features

Rigid Rogowski Coil for precision measurements
Can be designed for almost zero temperature sensitivity
Construction provides a highly stable coil
Rugged light-weight construction
Each coil individually 'tuned' to minimise interference from adjacent conductors
Two-layer insulation
Typical measurement accuracy 0.1%
Internal Electrostatic screen
Excellent rejection of external magnetic fields
Available with internal diameters from 73mm to 217mm
Very low sensitivity to the position of the conductor within the coil
Can be used to measure at frequencies from less than 1Hz to more than 10kHz

With a suitable electronic integrator, these coils can be used to measure low currents with a resolution as low as 1mA and high currents of greater than 100kA. Rogowski coil sensors provide complete isolation from the circuit being measured and have no effect on the current being measured even for very low-impedance circuits.

Product Options

/SPLIT: Version that can be opened to install without breaking the conductor.

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For more information download the 2100 Series Rigid Rogowski Coils datasheet or request a quote