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The Rogowski coil principle

A Rogowski coil is an ‘air-cored’ toroidal coil placed round the conductor. The alternating magnetic field produced by the current induces a voltage in the coil which is proportional to the rate of change of current.

The direct output from the coil is given by Vout=M dI/dt Where M is the mutual inductance of the coil and dI/dt is the rate of change of current. To complete the transducer the voltage is integrated electronically so that the output from the integrator is a voltage that accurately reproduces the current waveform.

Coil and Integrator

The combination of a coil and an integrator provides an exceptionally versatile current-measuring system which can be designed to accommodate a vast range of frequencies, current levels and conductor sizes. The output is independent of frequency. It has an accurate phase response and can measure complex current waveforms and transients.


One of the most important properties of a Rogowski coil measuring system is that it is inherently linear. The coil contains no saturable components and the output increases linearly in proportion to current right up to the operating limit determined by voltage breakdown. The integrator is also inherently linear up to the point where the electronics saturates. Linearity makes Rogowski coils easy to calibrate because a transducer can be calibrated at any convenient current level and the calibration will be accurate for all currents including very large ones. Also, because of their linearity, the transducers have a very wide dynamic range and an excellent transient response.

Coil Winding

With a Rogowski coil it is important to ensure that the winding is as uniform as possible. A non-uniform winding makes the coil susceptible to magnetic pickup from adjacent conductors or other sources of magnetic fields. We have developed our own technology to ensure accurate windings. Coils come in a range of styles including rigid and flexible coils, we have developed variations to meet specific needs.

Output Indication

The output from the integrator is normally a voltage waveform which reproduces the current waveform. This can be used with any form of electronic indicating device that has an input impedance greater than about 5kOhm such as a voltmeter, oscilloscope, transient recorder or protection system. Other outputs are also available such as DC voltage representing the RMS output, 4 - 20 mA DC output, and current outputs. Read more about integrator types here..

Split Coils

Some designs of coil can be fitted on the conductor without the need to disconnect the conductor. Most flexible coils can be fitted this way and it is also possible to build split rigid coils. Split iron-cored devices such as current transformers are subject to appreciable amplitude and phase errors if the halves are misaligned by even a small amount. Rogowski coils do not have this problem. Misalignment of the joining faces of a split Rogowski coil has only a small effect on the amplitude and no effect on the phase.