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Rail Current Transducer


Rocoil Rail Current Transducer

The Rocoil® Rail Current Transducer can be used to provide accurate measurement of the current in a railway line in a compact and portable measuring system which is simple to use.

Rail Current Transducer Features

Portable transducer for measuring signalling currents in railway lines
Measures signalling currents in the presence of a large 50Hz component
Quick and easy fitting on the track
Frequency response up to greater than 20kHz
Measures from a few mA up to 45A rms
Overload indicator
Will not be damaged by large overloads
Analogue wave-form output for the direct monitoring of current wave-forms or for use with an AC meter or spectrum analyser
Powered by internal batteries (2 x PP3)
Built-in battery condition monitor
Robust construction
Insulated from the rail

This transducer has been designed to have a flat frequency response in the frequency range above 50Hz. A built-in filter can be switched in when needed to give good rejection of signals at lower frequencies, particularly 50 Hz, but allowing measurements to be made at frequencies above about 1kHz.

For more information download the Rocoil Rail Current Transducer datasheet or request a quote